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Weekly Pull Lists ship every Wednesday, of course, while bi-weekly and monthly Pull Lists ship out every two weeks and every four weeks respectively. Because some months have five Wednesdays in them, the time during the month when a Pull List ships out can change. When your first Pull List shipment is sent out depends on when you start your Pull List, so expect a shipment the first, second, or forth week after starting. Please note that if you start your Pull List after the Saturday deadline, there is a one-week delay in the first Pull List shipment. Also, if you suspend and restart your Pull List this can confuse our system, so if you do this and you’re concerned about when your shipment will arrive, just drop us a line and we’ll be glad to let you know when your shipment will be going out.
  • Deadline to make changes: If you want your changes to be effective immediately with this week's releases, submit them before Saturday night at 4PM EST. Otherwise, your changes will take effect with the titles released the following week.
  • E-Mail confirmations: You will receive one only when activating or de-activating your Pull List . To confirm the status of any other changes that you make in your Pull List , refer to your "My Account" page.
Shipping cost is determined by the dollar amount of your order and what method of shipping you choose (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), just like all orders from . (Click here to view shipping chart).
Our pull List service offers you some of the best benifits of any Pull List in the country. You simply choose 7 or more monthly titles, and a shipping frequency, and every issue of your titles will be mailed to you. There's no commitment, and you can cancel at any time with only a couple of days' notice. You can add just about anything on our site to be shipped with your Pull List. Qualifying orders get free shipping Previews orders, in contrast, offer much higher discounts, but are locked in two months in advance. Every month you pre-order the items you want at unbeatable prices, and they'll be shipped out to you as they're released.
Well aside from getting the great discounts Previews has to offer, you’ll see your shipping cost upfront - no more wondering how much shipping will cost you when the items are ready to go out. But wait, there's more! If the release date of an item in your order is pushed back, we’ll cover the shipping cost for that individual item. Want more? You got it! You now can pay for your entire Previews order (shipping included) with PayPal or your credit card.
When you place your previews order you will be charged for the amount including shipping charges. Shipping amounts will depend on item release dates and shipping cycle. If you decide to add more items later on, you will only be charged the difference.
There are three different shipping cycles: • Weekly: Every week, all items released during that week will be packed up and a shipping rate calculated based on our shipping rates table. • Bi-Weekly: Orders will be shipped every two weeks. • Monthly: Pre-ordered items will be bundled up and shipped together every four weeks on a revolving cycle. They will not be bundled up for shipment at the end of every month. Please note that our monthly cycle option does not directly correspond with a calendar month, because some months have five Wednesdays. Monthly shipments will nevertheless always ship four weeks apart. If you select monthly shipping, you may have to wait for your shipment, but you'll receive more items in one shipment, saving you money on the shipping cost. If you select weekly, you'll get your orders faster, although you'll usually pay more in shipping. Nevertheless, if you're only ordering one item, you're better off with weekly.
When you submit a Previews order, you are placing an order 2-3 months in advance. The items listed in Previews have not been released yet. After adding items to your cart and checking out, you will have to wait for the item(s) to be released by the publisher or manufacturer. (Release dates are available on each product page, and are subject to change by the publisher or manufacturer). When you place a Previews order we are specifically ordering that item for you meaning even if run out of stock on the site, we still have your copy on reserve. Unfortunately, because Previews items are ordered to match demand, we cannot cancel a Previews order once the Previews ordering window has closed.
We always try to keep our inventory and site listings as up to date and correct as possible, but sometimes, an error may occur. We will always try to find a solution that leaves everyone happy, but in the case of an unavailable issue or incorrect solicitation, we may have to refund or adjust your order.
You can cancel an order as long as you do so before it is marked "ready to ship." From your "My Account" page, click "View Order Status," and from here you'll see a button to cancel the order.
You can verify the status of your order on the site at any point in time by clicking "Orders" on your "My Account" page. An explanation for the different status terms follows. Pending MC Approval Verifying shipping and billing information Credit Approved Order accepted and has begun processing Ready to Ship Your order is being pulled and packaged. We can no longer make changes to this order Shipped Your order has been packed and processing is complete. Tracking information will be available within 48 hours Pending New Releases Your order is being held because it contain new items that are scheduled for Wednesday release. It will be shipped this coming Wednesday, when the new books arrive. Declined Your order has not begun processing due to invalid billing information – Please update your account and contact us. Pending Payment Card is expired or error in billing information. Please contact us. PayPal PayPal error – Please try again Canceled Canceled
Unfortunately orders are processed automatically. Additional items would require a separate order. Shipping of two orders usually cannot be combined. However if we can, we will make every effort to ship them together.
Your order will either ship from our store at 16825 48th Avenue West Suite 137 Lynnwood, WA 98037 or from our satellite location in Chicago, IL  
If you have another credit card, go to My Account and click on "Check Order Status". Click "See Details" for the declined order, then go to "Select A Payment Method" and enter new credit card information.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
Due to the collectibility of the comics and merchandise we sell, we are unable to accept returns. If you are uncertain about the grade of your comic, please see our Grading Glossary. While we do not grade our graphic novels, books and magazines, they are stored and handled with great care. Over time, shelf wear and small cosmetic dings and dent may be possible. If you still feel you’ve received a damaged or mis-shipped order, please contact us at
Yes you can. However, we do reserve the right to reduce the quantity that we ship on those rare occasions when supply is running very low. You will always be notified by e-mail in this event.
Yes, new releases can be ordered as soon as they are posted on Tuesday evening. However, any order containing new release books cannot be completely processed  and shipped out until after we actually receive the new books on Wednesday, regardless of what day they are ordered.
New releases will be posted for sale on the website the Tuesday evening before the Release date. We do this to verify that we have proper stock amounts and to make sure we do not have any damages.
Unless otherwise stated, yes the are!
We do not grade our graphic novels, books and magazines, they are stored and handled with great care. Over time, shelf wear and small cosmetic dings and dent may be possible.
All our comic books are brand new, near mint. Additionally we bag and board all comics as soon as we get them in the shop.
Every comic book is shipped to our customers in a Ultra-Pro  resealable bag and BCW Comic board, absolutely FREE. Ultra-Pro bags are 2.25ga thick polypropylene, and feature a 2-inch re-sealable flap that makes comic book archiving and storage easier than ever. BCW boards are acid free and completely archival safe. (Please note that clearance books, grab bags, and odd-sized comics may not be in resealable bags.)
Yes, you can pick up any current in stock (no Previews items) item in the shop!  Just place an order and proceed to checkout. You’ll see a shipping option for Local Pickup at our Lynnwood location. Select that and and pay with a credit card. We’ll send you an email when you order has been charged and you can then pick up your order on either Wednesday or Saturday at our Lynnwood location. Please bring a printed invoice and the credit card you used and ask for your order at the counter. Please come within two weeks to ensure your order is still readily accessible. And please review your order before you leave the store to make sure you’re satisfied. In the event that the customer fails to pick up the items within 90 days, customer shall be considered to have abandoned them, and ownership will revert back to Midtown Comics. No refunds will be granted after 90 days.
Qualifying domestic orders of over $75.00 can be shipped free by USPS Economy. Free shipping applies to all domestic orders that are composed only of comic books, graphic novels, books, magazines, and back issues that exceed $75.00—simply add the code FREESHIP shipping option during checkout. Orders that include statues, toys, apparel, grab bags or other merchandise cannot be shipped for free. Unfortunately, Previews orders and international orders do not qualify for free shipping.
During checkout, you will be given the option to choose between USPS Priority Mail, and Local Pick-up. All domestic orders are shipped within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). EXCEPTION: New releases ordered in advance will be shipped on Wednesday (new release day). Please note that problems relating to credit card status or billing information provided by the customer can delay shipping.
Orders containing New Releases that are submitted in advance (Wednesday through Tuesday evening) for Wednesday new releases are generally shipped Wednesday (the day the books are released). All other orders usually ship within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). These are estimated timeframes. Please note that problems relating to credit card status or billing information provided by the customer can delay shipping.

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