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The story that began in VENOMVERSE reaches its epic conclusion! The Poisons, a species that hungers for super-powered symbiotes and their hosts, have picked their next target: the Marvel Universe itself! Their first objective? Put every superhuman in a Klyntar symbiote – and then consume them! And with Venom and the X-Men still missing after the events of “Poison-X,” Earth stands defenseless! By the time they make it back home, Venom and the X-Men find dozens of heroes and villains unwillingly bonded with symbiotes. And when the Poisons consume one of their strongest allies, the champions of Earth must rally – and stand against one of their own! But what do the Poisons have planned for Cletus Kasady, A.K.A. Carnage? And can anything in the galaxy stand in the way of…Poison Thanos?! Collecting VENOMIZED #1-5.
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